Live picture and sound broadcasting and archiving on the Internet

Service description

Livesite services were created based on several years' internet broadcasting experience. They are improved continuously to be able to offer the best service and the widest technical background at the best price to broadcast different events, programs, championships, confences and forums.

Pictures can be produced by using digital or even analog cameras, including any type of cameras from simple USB to professional TV ones.
Relaying on LiveSiteBox (included in service) it is safe and easy to handle tools, datas and events.

Records can be saved on site and/or on server. These can be published on the Internet for replaying them anytime, also during the event.

The service can be used in OFFLINE mode too. This time recorded datas are published when they are uploaded to the server. The advantage is: there is no need to have an Internet access to record the event.

We provide easy and handy web based administration interface to our partners to access our services the most comfortable way and wherever they want.

Broadcasting live

Technical background looks like a "traditional" TV broadcasting in many aspects.

There are two basic packages: FULL and BOX.

FULL package:
This package contains the camera-man and other technical staff too.

BOX package:
The picture of the camera, which is connected to the LiveSiteBox, is broadcasted according to the parameters given on the web based administration interface.

Tecnical parameters

The service is continuously reliable and is able to deal with a large number of visitors at the same time. So we offer our service to partners who need live broadcasting or archive records for 24 hours of the 365 days of the year.

It is possible to have HD picture resolution which mainly depends on the quality and speed of the local Internet access. The quality of the broadcasting varies depending on the contracted package and the local technical facilities.

It is possible to record the broadcasting so visitors can see the archived records on the Internet immediately during the event. Besides of seeing live pictures, the records of last hours can be replayed anytime.

We can archive records for a longer term, delete them, download them, or publish them on our public website.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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